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Eva Mendes prioritizes her family life (with Ryan Gosling!)
The actress is a mother of two young children.

Life with young children is not necessarily a smooth ride, is it? That’s what actress Eva Mendes explains in an interview with PEOPLE magazine. The actress and mother of two young children explains that her house is often messy, and that she fully accepts this situation.

Many parents will surely recognize themselves in Mendes’ words; the actress admits that since she became a mother, her house is messier and that it’s okay. She is adamant that it is “impossible” to keep a perfectly tidy house and that you have to accept this situation while it lasts.

For the past few years, Mendes has been keeping a lower profile in Hollywood. She has chosen to focus on her children and her family life. She prefers to select the projects that interest her now rather than jumping into big film projects.

For her, her husband (Ryan Gosling!) and children represent “her home”.

We appreciate when stars like Mendes open up about their family life like this.

It helps normalize some of the situations that many parents face, like a messy house, or life at home.

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