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Eve Jobs, Steve Jobs’ daughter, forges her own identity while paying tribute to her father
Eve Jobs, the daughter of a certain Steve Jobs, has forged her own career and identity over the years, and the young woman offers a very interesting profile.

The model, who works for Louis Vuitton, is described as a bright, funny and passionate young woman by biographer Walter Isaacson.

And if several rumors speak of a difficult relationship between the enigmatic genius of Apple and his daughter Eve, the latter does not hesitate to pay tribute to him in different ways, some more subtle than others.

The daughter of the Apple founder uses an iPhone, of course, but also wears various pieces of clothing related to her late father.

Among other things, she still owns the Apple T-shirt belonging to Steve Jobs, and young Eve says she smiles when she wears it.

“I smile every time I wear it!” she told Vanity Fair in August in a long interview that was as fascinating as it was unique.

Eve Jobs also pays tribute to her father through her growing collection of vintage Apple shirts!

Among them is one that is particularly personal as it is said to evoke the prototype of the Computer 1 that Steve Jobs built from his garage.

The main piece, in our opinion, is this black dress with a turtleneck, reminding us of Jobs’ signature garment that he wore regularly (the famous black turtleneck).

Eve Jobs lost her father when she was 13 years old, in 2011.

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