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Fans are not sure about Usher at the Super Bowl halftime show
What do you think?

Usher has been confirmed in the last few hours as the lead artist for the half-time show at the next Super Bowl, and reactions are mixed.

First it was the no less polarizing Kim Kardashian who announced the news in a highly original way, in a video that was both humorous and entertaining, in which she is seen making a phone call to Usher to announce that he is the one who will get millions of people moving during this highly anticipated show.

The star says she’s relieved not to have to keep it a secret, now that everyone knows!

While many applaud Usher’s choice, others don’t believe he’s of the same caliber as many of the stars who have graced the stage at the iconic Super Bowl halftime show.

What do you think?

Do you like this choice?

Super Bowl LVIII takes place on February 11 in Las Vegas.

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