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Floyd Mayweather gets back in the ring to fight Mikuru Asakura
Floyd Mayweather is an active retiree! The undefeated boxing champion will be back in the ring this September in Japan.

The man known as Money is expected to get another big payday, this time to fight mixed martial arts fighterMikuru Asakura. The Japanese fighter has a record of 20 wins and three losses since turning pro in 2012.

Yesterday, when the fight was announced,Mikuru Asakura tried to intimidateFloyd Mayweather, who has seen it all.

The rules and duration of the fight are not yet known. Nevertheless, it would be surprising ifFloyd Mayweather accepted another type of fight than boxing, he who has an immaculate record of 50 wins, no losses, 27 wins by referee stoppage before the limit.

Since retiring five years ago, Floyd Mayweather has sporadically returned to the ring for lucrative exhibition bouts. In June 2021, the champion was paid $100 million to fight Logan Paul.

Floyd Mayweather was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame last Sunday in the United States.

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