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FORD to recall 634,000 SUVs that could catch fire
FORD to recall more than 634,000 SUVs due to a cracked fuel injector that could allow fuel to escape, causing a hot engine fire.

The company says it has received a total of 20 reports where a fire occurred in the engine. Of those, three were monstrous, damaging the car and nearby structures.

Five other complaints mention that a fire occurred five minutes after the engine was shut down, and four others indicate minor injuries (but no burns).

There are 43 legal complaints filed so far…

At this time, FORD is unable to repair any of the possibly affected vehicles, but as soon as they are able to take action, affected owners will be sent a letter and will need to make an appointment with the nearest dealer immediately.

Once there, if your vehicle is among the affected lot, a car will obviously be loaned from the dealership if the repair takes a few days.

In addition to checking and repairing if necessary, dealers will update the car’s software to detect a cracked injector. A warning light will come on in the dashboard if this is the case.

Note also that the warranty that covers this “defect” is 15 years or 240,000 kilometers.

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