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Former Britney Spears employees are lawyering up
An delay has been denied in the Spears case.

The woman accused of helping Britney Spears ‘ father spy on the pop star has found a lawyer in preparation for trial.

Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group employee Robin Greenhill “very recently” hired David C. Scheper and Katherine Farkas of the Los Angeles law firm Winston & Strawn as “personal counsel,” Page Six reported.

Scheper further stated that he had “spoken by phone” with Mathew Rosengart, the singer’s attorney, to ask him to postpone the upcoming court hearing so that he and Farkas could “get up to speed” on the case.

However, Scheper shared that Rosengart reportedly responded to him in an email that he “objected” to the request to postpone the July 27 date to August 11.

“The extension of time is being requested in good faith and not for the purpose of unnecessary delay,” Greenhill’s attorney quipped.

At the next hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny is expected to decide whether Rosengart can demand testimony from Greenhill and her boss, Lou Taylor, for their involvement in the guardianship. Penny will also determine whether Tri Star must turn over documents relevant to the case.

It should be noted that Rosengart, Spears’ attorney, has alleged in court documents that Tri Star made at least $18 million by providing business management services to the pop star during her controversial guardianship.

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