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Four teens killed over potential TikTok challenge
A young teenage mother and three other teens in the Buffalo area were killed in a traffic accident, and this sad tragedy may have involved a TikTok challenge.

According to the authorities’ report, the challenge in question, if it really was, was to steal a car using cell phone chargers, but the whole thing ended in a nightmare.

The four teens were ejected from the vehicle, according to WGRZ news.

The teens identified are 19-year-old Marcus Webster, 17-year-old Swazine Swindle, 16-year-old Kevin Payne and 14-year-old Ahjanae Harper, who recently gave birth and was due to turn 15 on November 1.

However, experts in the field are skeptical of the TikTok challenge thesis since it would be highly unlikely that an online challenge would motivate random teenagers to commit such a criminal act.

It should be noted that the 16-year-old driver and another 14-year-old survived the crash.

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