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Gerrit Cole is the biggest cheater in the MLB according to Alex Manoah

Toronto Blue Jays’ Alek Manoah has called Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees the biggest cheater in the MLB.

He dropped this little bomb on Serge Ibaka‘s podcast, “How Hungry Are You?

As soon as the question about the biggest cheater in baseball according to him was delivered, he didn’t hesitate: “Gerrit Cole”.

“He cheated. He used a lot of sticky stuff to improve his pitches. And he got called out for it,” the Jays pitcher added.

Note that MLB has begun to crack down on any gumming substances that improve grip on the ball in 2021. Despite this ban, some pitchers manage to hide the substances and still use them today.

In fact, early in the 2022 campaign, Cole was accused of cheating in a duel against the Cleveland Guardians…

Manoah and Cole are most likely not great friends, as Manoah pointed out at the time “Cole’s blatant cheating when he was a member of the Houston Astros and the team used trash cans to signal pitches to hitters.”

Cole retaliated toward this one last August. In a game against the Yankees, Manoah hit Aaron Judge, and Cole rushed out of the dugout demanding the official eject him from the game.

In short, it looks like the two men are not ready to be in the same party!

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