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Gisele was with her lover long before the divorce, now admits Tom Brady
Credit: WennCover

Gisele Bündchen, who recently divorced NFL legend Tom Brady, has been surrounded since the split by rumors of a romance with Joaquim Valente.

While many question the timeline of the split, Brady himself has reportedly made Bünchen’s dating rumors official, indicating that his ex and Valente have been lovers for a long time.

Long before his divorce from the model, even, it seems.

Bünchen initially dismissed the relationship as speculation. However, the relationship does exist… and while it was initially intended to be “strictly platonic”, many close friends and family now describe it as a “deep romance”.


People first reported that Bünchen began dating Valente in June 2023. This certainly suggests a “slow” approach.

However, TMZ, the Daily Mail and other media outlets have reported that Bünchen’s romance with Valente may date back further than 2023, which Brady has now reportedly confirmed.

That said, Tom Brady seems ready to adapt to this new family dynamic.

Those close to the best quarterback in NFL history have said that Brady believes Valente is a good person and may even consider him as a possible father figure for his children, should the relationship progress along its current trajectory.

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