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Gorilla attacks zookeeper

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Gorilla attacks zookeeper
Credit: Capture vidéo TMZ
A guard at the Fort Worth Zoo experienced a terrifying face-to-face encounter when a gorilla charged her under the lenses of one of the visitors, who managed to film the breathtaking scene. Naturally, the video went viral on TikTok, garnering thousands of views.

The silverback gorilla’s name is Elmo, he’s 34 years old and he came out of his cave briskly towards one of the janitors, who threw a bucket to distract the big gorilla.

The video shows the woman running towards a door to ‚Äúprotect‚ÄĚ herself from the gorilla, which suddenly stops running and stares straight into her eyes for several seconds.

The man who filmed the video is Ben White, a former zoo security guard, and he pointed out the contribution of a second security guard who was playing hide-and-seek to distract Elmo… and prevent him from charging the other person again.

The strategy was successful, as Elmo eventually calmed down, while holding up the saucepan (the bucket) as he tried to give it back to the employees, demonstrating that he had come to his senses.

It should be noted that no one was injured during this intervention, which took place several months ago, but which has just been picked up on social networks.

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