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“Gutsy”: Hillary Clinton launches docu-series about strong women with her daughter (and loses a quiz to Kim Kardashian)

“I think Kim has an unfair advantage.”

The former Secretary of State sat down with the reality TV star and law student for her new documentary series Gutsy with her daughter, Chelsea.

The eight episodes ofHillary and Chelsea Clinton’s documentary series Gutsy, which will air on Apple TV+ on Sept. 9, are full of stunning scenes celebrating brave and bold women, People reports.

Among other things, Hillary will be seen canoeing with a reformed white supremacist, Chelsea will try (unsuccessfully) to learn to surf, and the two will go painting a canvas with Megan Thee Stallion by her pool.

But, according to the show’s hosts and executive producers, the bravest was definitely the former secretary of state (who was an associate attorney at a law firm before becoming first lady), who took on law student Kim Kardashian in a knowledge quiz.

“I think Kim has an unfair advantage,” Hillary Clinton quipped.

After a series of questions about the use of deadly force, the difference between extortion and robbery, and when a self-defense claim is allowed, Kim soundly defeated Hillary, 11-4.

Will you be watching Gutsy on September 9?

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