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In mourning, David Lemieux confirms his retirement
Over the weekend, David Lemieux announced his retirement from the world of boxing at the age of 33, as he found himself in unexpected grief over the senseless murder of his father.

Announcing his retirement as an athlete, “you’re never ready for that,” Lemieux says on Salut Bonjour Weekend.

“I was never ready to announce such a decision, it was a big surprise even for me. It’s never easy to prepare to make such an announcement. It’s hard to talk about it. In our heads, we still think we are the best boxer (…). We looked at the pros and cons and the cons were stronger,” he said.

Of course, during the interview, Lemieux answered the question about his current feelings about his father’s death:

“It’s atrocious, human beings can be cruel (…). I have a family to protect and I have to be an example,” he said.

Lemieux was in control of his emotions during the interview, answering questions in a frank and detailed manner.

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