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Incredible images of Jeremy Renner’s horrible accident revealed

Police have released body camera footage taken when they arrived at the scene of Jeremy Renner’s accident in January, showing the critical moments when paramedics tried to save the actor’s life.

In the video obtained by TMZ and Entertainment Tonight, five paramedics and several police officers can indeed be seen surrounding Renner, as he lies in critical condition on the ground near a huge pool of blood.

The police officer, whose camera captures the startling footage, then takes a few shots of the blood on the ground with his phone and asks the paramedics if they moved the victim, which is confirmed.


Later in the video, Jeremy’s nephew gives his side of the story in this dramatic incident, confirming the actor’s version.


In the video, we can also see that the SnowCat appears to have hit the driver’s side of Renner’s nephew’s black pickup truck, where it was just moments before the terrible accident, effectively showing that Jeremy was trying to save his nephew’s life as he claimed weeks earlier.

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