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Infantile respiratory diseases on the rise in China
The World Health Organization has contacted the Chinese authorities to gather more information on the recent increase in respiratory illnesses affecting children, as reported by the Washington Post and the Associated Press.

This situation has raised concern in the international community. The WHO’s action follows reports of an increase in respiratory illnesses and pneumonia among children.

In response to these health concerns, the WHO has asked the Chinese authorities to provide additional clinical and epidemiological data to better understand the situation. WHO reports that the number of cases of influenza-like illness in northern China is abnormally high compared to previous years.

The WHO has also encouraged Chinese citizens to take preventive measures, such as the use of masks and hand washing, to reduce the spread of the disease.

While the WHO continues to monitor the situation, the international community will continue to follow it closely, awaiting full data from the Chinese health authorities and seeking to remain informed of any changes that could affect global health.

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