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Is Miley Cyrus going after Liam Hemsworth in her new song?
The singer Miley Cyrus released yesterday (January 13) her new song entitled Flowers and the date of release was really well chosen!

Indeed, it is on January 13 that the pop star released Flowers, which tells a love story where the man could not have loved a woman as much as she knows how to love herself…

But why did she release her song on January 13?

Maybe because it is the birthday of none other than … Liam Hemsworth (!), her ex-husband, with whom she is married in 2018 following their meeting during the shooting of the film The Last Song.


This is not the only thing we notice following the release of her song … no, because the lyrics strangely remind us of a very popular song by Bruno MarsWhen I Was Your Man!

In this song Miley Cyrus expresses that she doesn’t need anyone to do all the things Bruno Mars talks about in his song!


For all those who would like to discover the new song of Miley Cyrus, it’s right here!

Oh, and by the way… happy birthday Liam!

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