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Is Musk making excuses not to fight Zuckerberg?
Is Elon Musk trying to get out of his famous battle with rival Mark Zuckerberg?

While the CEO of Meta has proposed August 26 as the date for the much-anticipated fight between the latter and the CEO of X (formerly Twitter), Musk seems more inclined to postpone the date to another time since, according to his most recent explanations, he’s waiting to find out if he needs neck surgery.

“I’m ready today. I suggested August 26 when he first challenged (…) Not holding my breath,”, Zuckerberg said on Threads, citing a tweet from Musk claiming to be preparing for battle.

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But while Musk proposed broadcasting the fight live on X, Zuckerberg instead questioned the platform’s reliability!

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With all his jabs at Musk on social networks, Zuckerberg really seems ready for battle!

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