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It happened on a… July 18

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It happened on a… July 18


“The Sun” newspaper in Britain controversially publishes old picture and video of Queen Elizabeth giving Nazi salute in 1933.


The Government of Detroit, with up to $20 billion in debt, files for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.


Kim Jong-un is officially appointed Supreme Leader of North Korea and given the rank of Marshal in the Korean People’s Army.


Storms provoke severe flooding on the Saguenay River, beginning one of Quebec’s costliest natural disasters ever: the Saguenay Flood.


Intel is founded in Mountain View, California.


The U.S. and Canada signed a treaty to develop the St. Lawrence Seaway.


Adolf Hitler publishes Mein Kampf (original title was the catchy “Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice”).


First human test of a vaccine against cholera; Ukrainian bacteriologist Waldemar Huffkine risks his life by testing it on himself.

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