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Jeremy Renner is finally home after several weeks in intensive care!
It is under a Twitter publication of the series Mayor of Kingstown that the actor Jeremy Renner announced that he was back home!

While the series’ account confirmed that season 2 was available for viewing on Paramount+, Renner took the opportunity to write a comment that reassured many!

“Outside my brain fog in recovery, I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home 🙏❤🙏.”

The actor seems to have several more weeks, if not months, of recovery before he returns to some semblance of normalcy as rumors even suggested a possible amputation of one of his legs… but from his message, he seems to be on the right track!

Let’s remember that Renner was the victim of a horrible accident last January 1st, while he was clearing the road leading to his Nevada home with a Snow Cat. The actor was crushed by the heavy machine, sending him to intensive care for several weeks.

Since then, the actor has been posting news here and there about his condition and just recently, in an Instagram story, Renner claimed that he misses his happy place!

So it is wonderful to see that he is back home!

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