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Judge dismisses charges against Greta Thunberg in London
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Climate activist Greta Thunberg was on trial in London as part of the global protests against global warming.

Greta Thunberg has been involved in protests that have sometimes had legal consequences. Thunberg, who was arrested during a protest last October, is on trial at London’s Westminster Magistrates Court. Thunberg, along with four other campaigners, was accused of failing to comply with police orders at a demonstration outside the Energy Intelligence Forum at the InterContinental Hotel, Mayfair, London, attended by fossil fuel industry leaders.

Under the banner Oily Money Out, the protest was organized by Fossil Free London to draw attention to and disrupt the contributions of the fossil fuel industry and its financial backers to political lobbying and carbon emissions.

Their main aim was to block the entrance to the hotel, for which they were arrested.

Although released on bail, Ms. Thunberg returned to the demonstration the following day.

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Thunberg and her co-defendants were charged with breaching the Public Order Act for failing to comply with a police directive to move their protest. The Greenpeace and Fossil Free London activists pleaded not guilty.

However, the court decided to quash the charges against Greta Thunberg, and acquitted the young activist, The Guardian reports.

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A lack of evidence is said to be at the root of the motion, much to the delight of the activist camp in this case.

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This, however, is likely to add fuel to the fire among those who oppose Greta’s tactics!

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