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Julia Roberts prefers to be a mother now
The actress will soon appear in a new film alongside George Clooney.

Julia Roberts is one of the most well-known and respected actresses in Hollywood, and in recent years she has become more discreet on screen.

The last film in which she had a leading role was The Return of Ben, in 2018. She will appear very soon alongside George Clooney in a new romantic comedy, Ticket to Paradise (in theaters in October 2022).

The 54-year-old actress recently opened up about her plans and family life, and she confessed that she loves being a mom. Her three children, Henry Daniel Moder and twins Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus Walter Moder, whom she shares with her husband of the past twenty years, Daniel Moder, are the center of her life.

Julia Roberts explains that she tries not to plan too much ahead and has no other professional projects coming up at the moment.

She says she loves being at home, having a routine and being a mom!

This touching statement reminds us that there are many ways to be a mom, and they are all equally valid. Some moms will enjoy being at home more while others will enjoy having a busy career alongside their family life. Each of these family scenarios is respectable, and in 2022, it’s past time to let moms choose what’s best for them without judgment!

In fact, Julia Roberts explains that filming in Australia for Ticket to Paradise was very difficult for her, especially because of the COVID-19 restrictions, but also because it was the longest time she spent away from her family. Luckily for her, George and Amal Clooney were there with their twins, which helped her not feel too lonely and isolated.

Roberts and Clooney have been friends for a long time, so we can expect a very good chemistry between the two actors who play ex-husband and ex-wife roles in Ticket to Paradise. The filming must have been quite a challenge!

By the way, for the anecdote, CNN Entertainment reports that the actors had to re-shoot a scene involving a kiss up to 80 times! Since they are such good friends, this scene was just too difficult to do seriously. This promises to be great!

Ticket to Paradise will be released on October 21, 2022.

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