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Justin Bieber worries fan at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

Justin Bieber’s presence at the Oscars after-party organized by Vanity Fair was rather strange on Sunday night, so much so that by trying to keep a low profile, the singer has instead drawn attention to himself with his attitude…

Page Six even called him tormented.

It was a rare public appearance for the star since his tour was completely cancelled due to his illness, when he was diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome last fall… and maybe he should have stayed home.

While his wife, Hailey Bieber, chose to enter through the red carpet in glamorous fashion, wearing ablack Saint Laurent gown, Justin slipped out the back door wearing… what appears to be a blanket, on his back.

The couple would have been moreover only very briefly at the party and did not seem very happy when he left …

Should we fear the worst for the star… or for the couple?

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