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Justin Trudeau puts a conservative in his place and the video goes viral

Canada’s Prime Minister got into a heated discussion with a young Conservative (a PPC fan actually) during a visit to the University of Manitoba.

In a video first posted on Reddit, Justin Trudeau cordially answers questions from a young individual identifying himself as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The young Conservative is visibly trying to pin the Prime Minister down on difficult topics, but instead finds himself doubting his own beliefs the further the conversation goes.

In an argument that begins with the dental program to help low-income families, the Prime Minister asks his interlocutor if he agrees with that and as the youngster deflects from his initial answer to finally say that he “thinks they should”, he is reminded by the Prime Minister that Pierre Poilièvre, the leader of the Conservative Party, voted against this assistance program.

As the conversation drifts to abortion, the young man, who identifies as a Christian, says women should not have the right to choose what happens to their own bodies and that is when the PM goes for the knockout.

Of course, the young man still has several years ahead of him to mature his thoughts on these very important issues for women and Canadian society.

And the Prime Minister seems to be looking pretty good, in those little and big debates, lately!

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