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Kesha reveals a fertility procedure almost killed her

Kesha has revealed that she almost died after a New Year’s Eve show, and that as a result of this incident, she had to spend almost two weeks in a Miami hospital last January.

“I almost died in January,” she recounts in an interview for Self, when she explains that it was in fact a procedure to freeze her eggs carried out shortly before that had left her in this state, and which could have been fatal.

“It was horrible,” Kesha says, explaining that the incident was very difficult for her psychologically.

With this procedure, the 36-year-old singer explains that she wanted to take time to think about whether she really wanted a child.

Fortunately, the star seems to be doing much better now:

“I finally feel fine, but it took a few months.”

In 2022, the star claimed to have been diagnosed with an immunodeficiency disease, Page Six also reported.

A diagnosis that could have made it very difficult to recover from a fertility procedure like the one described by Kesha.

The singer released her new album, Gag Order, on May 19.

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