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Kevin Costner and his ex reached a settlement! Who won?
Kevin Costner accused his ex-wife of trying to steal his fortune.

The Yellowstone actor has been embroiled in a rather explosive divorce since announcing his separation last May from his wife and mother of his three children, Christine Baumgartner, has finally settled his divorce, but who came out on top?

The most tumultuous divorce of 2023 is finally a thing of the past, as the star and his ex have agreed on the terms of their divorce, and we can now wonder who emerged victorious from the tough battle that lasted several months.

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While Kevin Costner accused his ex-wife of trying to steal his fortune, the judge seemed to agree, awarding Christine $63,000 a month in alimony, whereas she was asking for nearly $250,000!

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It had been uncertain for some days whether Christine would contest the terms of the prenuptial agreement agreed between the couple at the start of their marriage, leaving her with less money than she would have liked, but according to TMZ, and although the details of the divorce are still unknown, Christine would receive a larger amount of money than the initial amount.

Has the actor finally bought himself some peace?

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