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Kevin Costner fights with a tenant… too close to his wife?

The drama continues for Kevin Costner and his rather tumultuous divorce, as we now hear of a violent argument between Costner and a man… who allegedly spent far too much time with his wife!

According to Page Six and The Sun, a few months before Costner’s wife of 18 years, Christine Baumgartner, filed for divorce, Costner allegedly had a violent confrontation with a man who rented their seaside vacation home… and the object of their dispute was none other than Baumgartner!

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Daniel Starr, the founder of a mobile games company, had been living since June 2022 in a luxurious house rented from Costner and his wife Christine, located close to the actor’s main residence.

While the first few weeks had gone wonderfully well between the three, becoming very close, Costner’s wife and Starr reportedly continued to spend a lot of time together when Costner was back on set.

According to Page Six, at one point Christine was visiting Starr’s rented residence almost every day!

But… something happened that didn’t sit well with the actor’s wife, and when he was made aware of the situation, things quickly escalated!

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Baumgartner would have liked to see Starr leave the residence, as she wouldn’t have liked his attitude, suddenly, Page Six still reports.

Did Starr try to get closer to Costner’s wife… or was there any intimate closeness between the two during the actor’s extended absences?

This saga is far from over!

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