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Kevin Costner is fed up and gives his wife an ultimatum!

In the tumultuous divorce proceedings between Kevin Costner and his wife of 20 years, the actor decided he’d had enough and issued her with an ultimatum: She must leave the house… now!

The latter has refused to leave the property since the divorce was announced.

Costner reportedly served his soon-to-be ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, with legal papers stating that she had less than two weeks to leave their Santa Barbara home!

Christine will therefore have to comply with the pre-nuptial documents the couple signed when they married in 2004, and vacate the luxurious, nearly $150 million residence by July 13 at the latest.

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The war between the two former lovers has come to a head in recent weeks, with Kevin Costner accusing his ex-wife of staying in the house solely as a bargaining tool to extract as much money as possible from his pockets!

Baumgartner was demanding $248,000 a month in financial support for the couple’s three children, in addition to a large sum earmarked for her in the original marriage contract.

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The actor also accuses his ex of wanting to use this money for plastic surgery and unreasonable expenses that have nothing to do with their children’s lifestyle.

This story is far from over!

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