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Kevin Costner wins another round against ex-wife

With Kevin Costner in the midst of divorce proceedings, the judge has ordered Christine Baumgartner, the star’s ex-wife, to pay part of the actor’s legal fees when she’s accused of causing delays with an argument over the meaning of a word (!)… but she’s fighting back.

The word “understand” is at the heart of this new argument…

Costner’s lawyers were trying to determine whether Baumgartner understood the prenuptial document she signed when she married Costner in 2004, while it seems clear that she’s trying to dispute that prenup.

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But, Christine refused to answer the question directly, claiming she “didn’t understand what understanding meant”, which led to several hours of unanswered discussion… and the judge had had enough!

The amount of the actor’s legal fees around this one argument is said to be $15,000, and it’s Christine’s turn to pay!

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But now, according to TMZ, Christine Baumgartner is fighting back. She’s demanding that her legal fees be paid in full by the actor, and claims the bill will come to $885,000! An amount that Costner’s lawyer has described as absolutely outrageous!

Remember that Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce last May, after 18 years of marriage and three children, due to irreconcilable differences, and since then the two have been arguing bitterly in divorce proceedings.

The Yellowstone star accused the mother of his children of trying to take advantage of his fortune by demanding huge unjustified alimony payments.

The judge has already ruled on the amount of alimony, siding with the actor and setting Costner’s suggested minimum amount at $63,000 a month.

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The legal battle continues between the two, but Costner has already won several rounds!

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