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Kidnapped girl found thanks to suspect mistake
A 9-year-old girl has been found alive and well, just days after disappearing under disturbing circumstances, thanks to a fingerprint left by a suspect on a ransom note.

The young girl had disappeared under very disturbing circumstances while camping with her parents in New York State.

Little Charlotte Sena had gone for a bike ride on Saturday evening. Her bike was later found without her, prompting fears of the worst and a massive search operation by the authorities.

But the young girl was found safe and sound, hidden in the kitchen cupboards of a suspect, after the latter was traced thanks to the fingerprints he left on a ransom note he had allegedly placed in the mailbox of the girl’s parents.

This extraordinary turn of events was a real stroke of luck for the victim, since the fingerprints of the suspect, identified as Craig Nelson Ross Jr. were on file with the police when he was arrested for drunk driving in 1999!

Since the report of little Charlotte’s disappearance, authorities had quickly suspected abduction and activated an Amber Alert, and they had used maximum resources to find her, including tracing cellular waves in the area, but also with an officer stationed near the residence of the girl’s parents.

It was this officer who spotted a strange individual near the family home on Monday morning. The suspect left something in the mailbox and then quickly left in his vehicle. It was a ransom note, and the man was followed, while the letter was quickly analyzed.

It’s a happy ending worthy of a movie… and certainly a happy one for this family who have lived through several days of horror.

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