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King Charles III diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace confirms
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Buckingham Palace has revealed that King Charles III, 75, has cancer, reports the BBC.

The revelation comes following a medical examination, as reported in recent days.

The public and members of his family have shown their support.

Last month, the King underwent treatment for an enlarged prostate, a condition that affects thousands of men every year and very often turns out to be benign.

However, doctors discovered a new cause for concern after a three-day stay in a private London clinic following the corrective procedure. Further diagnostic tests revealed the presence of cancer.

The type and stage of the cancer were not made public.

Following this diagnosis, King Charles’ medical staff advised him to temporarily reduce his public duties.


In response to the current state of his health, King Charles has expressed his gratitude for his recent surgery and is positive about his treatment. The King wishes to reduce speculation by openly sharing his cancer diagnosis. He also hopes it will raise awareness of the disease. The King’s openness has had an impact. For example, the UK’s National Health Service has reported a noticeable increase in online searches for prostate enlargement.

In a statement, the palace emphasized King Charles’ desire to return to office as soon as possible.

The King, who acceded to the throne in 2022, demonstrated his determination by attending church with Camilla this Sunday.


Kate Middleton has also been the focus of the Royal Family’s attention, alongside the King’s concerns.

She underwent abdominal surgery on January 16. After a 13-day stay in hospital, Kate Middleton is recovering at her home in Windsor. Reports suggest that her return to royal duties may be delayed until Easter.

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Information on the progress of the King’s treatment is now eagerly awaited in the UK and around the world.

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