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Kristen Stewart on the Rolling Stone is quite the buzz right now
Credit: Rolling Stone
To say that Kristen Stewart is causing a stir by posing for Rolling Stone is an understatement.

The actress is creating a buzz with a unique and provocative photo shoot!

With the photo shoot, it seems Stewart wants to redefine the idea of a sex symbol. Stewart’s article in the magazine is also a declaration of her homosexuality, of which she has never been ashamed.

In fact, the star wants to offer you “the gayest thing you’ve ever seen in your life”, by her own admission.

Stewart appears wearing a variety of daring ensembles, including lacy floral underwear and t-shirts that play on androgynous themes.

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With her words, Kristen Stewart suggests a deliberate attempt to defy gender stereotypes.

Stewart talks about the evolution of her public image. From her efforts to conform to a feminine norm to her acceptance of fluidity that challenges narrow ideas.

Stewart’s relationship with screenwriter Dylan Meyer is also a source of attention, but she is quick to point out that this is only one aspect of her career. Stewart speaks frankly about her desire to start a family and hints at her future plans, without, however, giving too many details.


She also looks back on her Hollywood career, which has been shaped both by her success and by her willingness to choose roles she’s passionate about. Citing industry leaders like Jodie Foster, she acknowledges the challenges openly gay actors have faced. The actress acknowledges that she hasn’t faced the same challenges throughout her career.

She attributes this to the niche she has created for herself, a field where storytelling is more important than commercial appeal.


Rolling Stone’s article on Kristen Stewart is an impressive testament to her willingness to defy gender stereotypes and take on the industry.

What do you think of the result?

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