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Lady Gaga in tears on Instagram

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Lady Gaga in tears on Instagram
In a heartfelt video on Saturday, September 17, we saw the famous singer Lady Gaga in tears after the show she had to cut short in Miami.

Miami was the very last show of his The Chromatica Ball.

A show that ended abruptly due to lightning, a decision that the young woman took to protect her audience, her team and herself.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the show, it was too dangerous, the lightning was unpredictable and changed moment by moment, I love you (…)  #thechromaticaball,” Gaga tearfully shared on Instagram.

Lady Gaga also thanked the person who threw her a bouquet of roses on stage.

She ends by saying that this will really never be the end for The Chromatica Ball since this tour was made to talk about healing and understanding that we are enough as individuals.

A decision to his credit and we can only assume that the fans will be forgiving!

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