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LeBron James offers an interview… almost naked!
LeBron James appearedin front of the lenses practically naked, with only a small towel covering his private parts, leaving little room for imagination.

Following his team’s win over the Chicago Bulls, reporters didn’t even give the King time to change into his street clothes before bombarding him with a ton of questions.

Bron didn’t seem to mind though, as he wisely answered the questions, while throwing in a few jokes here and there with his big, beaming smile.

Regardlessof King James‘ behavior, one question arises in this case: Is it really necessary for reporters to have access to the players right after they get out of the shower?

In short, let’s remember that the Lakers have practically achieved the impossible, after a catastrophic start to the season, they managed to place 8th in the Western Conference. If the team keeps it up, they could be in line for the spring waltz.

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