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Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to go incognito… and it failed!

Leonardo DiCaprio tried to go incognito at Keith McNally ‘s French bistro Balthazar (a favorite of the not-too-sympathetic James Corden) last Sunday… and it didn’t work at all!

Of course, people recognized the actor, who was wearing a Yankees cap, rather immediately.

“One of the highlights of the day today was that Leonardo DiCaprio arrived as a walk-in just after we finished serving brunch. His agent checked him in at the door and I seated him with his guest for the transition to table 61,” said an employee of the club, reports Page Six.

Another employee, on the other hand, wanted to do too much, and his boss calmed him down a bit.

“Some of the staff, including me (I’m ashamed to say it!), wanted to do something VERY SPECIAL for Leonardo, but the boss insisted that we do absolutely nothing for him, so we didn’t. Which is a bit of a shame, but he’s the boss (FOR NOW!) I’m kidding!” added the employee in question, clearly very happy about Leo’s visit!

Better luck next time, Leo!

For those interested, the actor was seen with Gigi Hadid leaving that same restaurant last Friday!

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