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Lili Reinhart spotted kissing a Cole Sprouse look-alike and the web went wild
Riverdale star Lili Reinhart has found love again!

After her tumultuous relationship with her colleague Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart has been caught on camera kissing Jack Martin at LAX airport in Los Angeles.

Many have pointed out the resemblance between Jack Martin… and Cole Sprouse!

And who is this Cole 2? Um, Jack?

He’s an actor, too, who was seen in the series La Brea, but it seems that his TikTok account is what attracts the attention of his fans. Indeed, the star stands out on the platform, even proposing at one point a parody … of Riverdale!


I love this show

♬ original sound – Jack Martin

But, more than that, he has already imitated Cole Sprouse!

The circle is complete.

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