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Machine Gun Kelly stirs up controversy with questionable move

Machine Gun Kelly may have taken the concept of his (Tommy Lee) costume a little too far, allowing himself to do aline on his girlfriend’s chest, Megan Fox. Fox was dressed as Pamela Anderson , who was in a relationship with Tommy Lee in the early 2000s.

“Happy Halloween virgins” he said on Instagram.

It is impossible to say 100% if the cocaine was fake or real, but we have to admit that many fans did not like the video, and Machine Gun Kelly is now at the center of a controversy.

Here are the comments of two fans of the singer, who seemed a bit lost in the past few months:

“OK, but this? Damn, your music may be good, but the drugs? Not so much!”

“I can’t keep defending you wtf! 😭

Do you think Machine Gun Kelly went too far in his Tommy Lee impersonation?

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