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Madonna releases a compilation album of remixes
Madonna announced today (May 4) that she will be releasing a 50-song album of Billboard Dance Club Songs in a few weeks.

The compilation disc entitled Finally Enough Love will be released in several formats. On June 24, a short version of 16 songs of the compilation will be offered. It will be available in digital, CD and 2-LP vinyl versions for the purists.

Warner Music
The full version of the compilation, with all 50 tracks, will be released on August 19. This version calledFinally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones is a compilation ofall the songs that have propelled her to the top of the Billboard charts over her decades-long career.

The 63 year old singer is the only artist to have had 50 number one hits on all Billboard charts in her career which began with Everybody in October 1982.

We should be hearing more from Madonna soon. Netflix is currently working on a documentary about the queen of pop.

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