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Man turns himself in to FBI for 44 years of unsolved murder

A man has turned himself in to the FBI in the case of an unsolved murder of a woman over 40, an event that doesn’t happen every day and has left FBI agents slightly stunned!

Upon arrival at the FBI’s Portland office, 68-year-old John Michael Irmer confessed to killing and raping a woman in Boston on October 30, 1979.

The man’s DNA, taken after his confession, matched perfectly with that collected at the scene of the murder of Susan Marcia Rose, 24, found murdered on Halloween Eve 1979, in a building then under renovation on Beacon Street.


According to CNN, the press release states that another man was falsely arrested and then found not guilty of Rose’s murder in 1981 during his trial, a procedure that must have been terrible for the victim’s family and the accused at the time.

Irmer reportedly told police he had already served more than 30 years in prison for another murder, this time committed in California, again according to CNN.

44 years after the tragic events, the family and loved ones may finally have some answers in the case of the brutal murder of Susan Marcia Rose.

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