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Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne are involved in a scandal with a paparazzi
Actress Margot Robbie and model and actress Cara Delevingne are involved in a scandal that allegedly injured a paparazzi in Argentina.

Photos of the paparazzi in question, Pedro Alberto Orquera, have reportedly surfaced showing that he was beaten, reports TMZ.

The man allegedly followed them and aggressively photographed them while they were out at a restaurant where an Uber was waiting for them as they exited.

The driver in question reportedly panicked and rushed to restart with Cara inside the vehicle, but Margot wasn’t fully on board!

Robbie would have then fallen to the ground and the photographer would have continued to take pictures.

Two male friends of Margot present at the time of the facts allegedly rushed thereafter to help her…

According to TMZ sources, the photographer then ran away and fell down

However, according to Infobae, a police report has been filed against the two men in question.

Who is telling the truth?

At the time of writing, the two stars refuse any comment on the subject!

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