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Martin St-Louis has a new darling

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Martin St-Louis has a new darling
Owen Beck has been on the lips of a multitude of fanatics due to his outfit since the opening of training camp, including the rookie tournament.

The 33rd overall pick in the last draft is undoubtedly one of Martin St.Louis‘ favorites, who has been praising the 18-year-old.

On Monday night, the Habs took on the New Jersey Devils, and once again, Beck was a leader, once again impressing the legend behind the bench.

In some ways, he is the new darling of St. Louis, which could certainly get him to the NHL in the near future.

His shot, even though it hit the post, surprised many, especially since he came within a quarter of an inch of tying the score.

Beck probably won’t get a job this year, but he’ll leave quite a calling card as he compares himself to Phillip Danault.

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