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Matrix 5 in development at Warner!
Credit: Warner Bros.
Fans of The Matrix franchise will be delighted to learn that Warner Bros. has confirmed that The Matrix will return with the next sequel to the sci-fi saga launched in 1999.

The Matrix universe is adding a new chapter to its saga, and this expansion is not without a major upheaval. Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski will no longer be involved in the film’s sequel as writers or directors, but will be executive producers of The Matrix 5, handing over to Drew Goddard.

Goddard, best known for writing the screenplay for The Martian, will write and direct the fifth installment of the franchise, adding his proven expertise to this next chapter.

Warner Bros.
According to a Variety source, Goddard is in talks with Warner Bros. to present a new vision of the legacy of The Matrix universe, with innovative ideas to further enrich the saga. This news has raised concerns among fans of the franchise, who wonder about the direction the saga might take without the direct influence of the Wachowskis.

Details about The Matrix 5 are still scarce, as development of the film is still in its early stages. No information has been released about the plot, the actors who will reprise their roles, or the release date. Nevertheless, the announcement of this forthcoming film has generated a great deal of excitement in the film industry and among fans.

Warner Bros.
This news is certainly a wonderful way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the very first The Matrix film, which was released in cinemas on March 31, 1999!

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