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Matthew Perry’s X account hacked by crypto fraudsters
Credit: Getty Images

A cyberattack was launched against the X account of Matthew Perry, who died in autumn 2023. Hackers broke into his account and the actor’s 1.5 million followers were directed to fake websites claiming to solicit cryptocurrency donations.

The hack is not only a blow to his family, it’s also a blow to the Matthew Perry Foundation. The latter provides support and assistance to people struggling with addiction.

The foundation has sent out a strong warning to the public to combat the misinformation spread by hackers. It has made it clear that the only official way to make donations is via its website,

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The foundation sponsored by the National Philanthropic Trust posted a message on the hacked account to emphasize the urgency of the situation:

“We have received information that Matthew’s official X page has been hacked and is directing users to a fake site asking for cryptocurrency donations. Please do not share or donate money to this website!”

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Matthew Perry fans are therefore urged to remain vigilant in the face of this fraud.

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