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Meghan Markle claims paparazzi paid neighbors to film her home

Meghan Markle was so “pursued” by the paparazzi that they reportedly even paid her neighbors to point a camera at the garden of her Toronto home while she was living in Canada.

The intense photographers would have even paid for the installation of cameras in order to have access to even more exclusive images.

It was through the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan that Markle opened up about the paparazzi paying the price to record what was happening in her backyard.

Unsurprisingly, this paparazzi stalking had a ripple effect on her life, even as Prince Harry tried to do everything he could to minimize the press about his girlfriend.

“Suddenly, it was like everything in my life became much more insulated. All the curtains were drawn and the blinds were drawn. It was scary,” she confides in the Netflix documentary.

“My house was just surrounded. Just men sitting in their cars the whole time, waiting for me to do something. My face was everywhere, my life was everywhere. The tabloids had taken over everything,” she added.

Add to that, around the same time, she would have received death threats!

So Meghan Markle really couldn’t stay on Canadian soil.

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