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Meghan Markle opens up about her new life in a long interview

She says the British media even insulted her children…

Two years after officially leaving the royal life, Meghan Markle Meghan Markle is regaining control of her story by giving important interviews. In 2021, it was with Oprah Winfrey that she and Prince Harry spoke to lift the veil on their ordeal with the royal family. And just recently, it was an interview with The Cut magazine that the actress did, and she took the opportunity to confide about her new life in California.

Markle talks about her new business with her husband, her life in California, relatively safe from the tabloids that have pursued her so relentlessly, and everything that has happened with the royal family, among other things. What particularly caught our attention was a passage where she mentions that the British media has insulted her children, calling them the “N-word.” Meghan Markle made this shocking statement as she explains that the royal family has to follow a whole procedure for posting photos or news about their lives online. Specifically, each photo must be shared with the “Royal Rota” and it was usually published in the British media before the parents could even share it with people around them. This reality strongly displeased Markle, with good reason, especially considering that the British media has always been incredibly unfair to her.

The racism that the actress has experienced since joining the royal family has been very difficult to live with, with good reason, which is one of the reasons why the couple decided to leave their royal duties. The protection of their children was paramount, and we completely understand their reasons. As parents, we usually put our children’s interests first, and if the climate was too toxic to raise children, sometimes the only decision to make is to leave the problematic situation.

To read The Cut ‘s full interview with Meghan Markle, click here.

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