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Melinda French Gates quits Gates Foundation
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Melinda French Gates, former wife of Bill Gates and a well-known figure in global philanthropy, has decided to step down from her position at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She will step down from her role as co-chair on June 7 to devote herself to philanthropy.

Separated from the Microsoft founder for three years, Melinda French Gates shared in an emotional Instagram post her pride in the achievements of the Bill Gates Foundation she founded. Gates hailed the Foundation’s role as a global leader in the fight against inequality, and expressed her gratitude to the entire team and its partners around the world.

Gates said she had not taken the decision lightly, and expressed her enthusiasm for the work ahead, which will focus on families and women. She will have $12.5 billion, as part of an agreement with her ex-husband, to fund her efforts. Projects are expected to be announced shortly.

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Bill Gates regrets his departure, but expressed confidence in the future impact of his philanthropic efforts. He also reaffirmed his determination to continue his foundation’s multi-faceted global strategies to improve people’s lives.

The Gates Foundation, which was established in 2000, has disbursed a staggering $76.6 billion since December 31, 2023. This makes it one of the world’s largest charitable organizations. The foundation has also played a major role in global health and development initiatives.

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In addition to his contribution to the Foundation, French Gates founded Pivotal Ventures in 2015, an organization dedicated to creating professional opportunities, particularly in the technology sector, for minorities and women in the United States. The organization also works with women wishing to advance in politics. It also supports the creation of a modern care system for families, so that they can earn a better living while caring for themselves or their loved ones. These initiatives are a strong testimony to her commitment to empowering under-represented groups and promoting gender equality.

Bill and Melinda Gates’ philanthropic impact remains profound, even though their marriage of almost 30 years ended in divorce in 2021.

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