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Mercedes confirms the arrival of a supercar
Mercedes has confirmed in the last few hours the production of an supercar, the AMG One.

Since 2017 the German manufacturer has been thinking about this new supercar.

TheAMG One is a co-production of Mercedes ‘ high-performance division (AMG) and its Formula 1 team. The idea behind this team effort was to produce an F1 car for the road, nothing less.

The engineers of Lewis Hamilton and those ofAMG therefore propose achassis and bodywork made largely of carbon fiber. Theaerodynamics were studied in the Formula 1 team’s wind tunnel and the engine was also developed by Team Mercedes engineers.

Speaking of the engine, as the F1 engine is a1.6-liter V6 that runs at 11,000 rpm. The engine builders addedfour electric motors toincrease the overall power and drive 100% electric for 17 km.

This engine produces a total of 1,049 hp. The top speed of the AMG One is limited to 352 km/h. The car does 0 to 10 km/h in just 2.9 seconds, 200 km/h in 7.0 and 300 km/h in 15.6.

The seven-speed automatic transmission offers six driving modes: Race Safe, Race, EV, Individual, Race Plus and Strat 2, the last two being the most aggressive and intended for track use.

As you can see, theAMG One is closer to a race car than the one you take to the track.The interior is therefore very uncluttered. Still, there isair conditioning and power windows, as well as a USB-C plug, infotainment screenand a rearviewcamera, as there is no rear window.

The base of the slim seats is mounted directly on the floor and is not adjustable, which puts your feet above your hips once inside, like an F1 car. If you need to adjust the driving position, you can adjust the pedals to suit your comfort.

The F1-style square steering wheel has an airbag as well as shift lights and controls for different driving modes.

The cost of this technological gem is set at $2.76 million (US).

Only 275 AMG One will be built.

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