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Metallica in concert… at a theater near you!

It looks like we’ll soon be able to watch Metallica’s new tour… on the big screen, since the two concerts in Texas this August will be shown in numerous theaters around the world!

The Metallica M72 World Tour will make a two-night stop in Arlington, Texas, on August 18 and 20, for two totally different shows, both of which will be shown in cinemas! The band promises not to repeat a single song from one night to the next.

More details on the exact locations of the shows should be released soon, as the band claims that cinema tickets will go on sale on June 1!


August 18 and 20 are definitely worth marking in your diary this summer, as it’s sure to be an original way to experience these two unique Metallica concert evenings, and no doubt at a fraction of the price of their tour tickets!

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