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Monstrous amount of cocaine found floating in the sea
New Zealand authorities seized no less than three tons of cocaine floating in the ocean. This discovery was made during one of the largest operations (Operation Hydros) in the country, CNN reports.

81 bundles of cocaine weighing 3.5 short tons were recovered directly from the Pacific Ocean, as police, customs and defense forces worked hand in hand for this Hydros operation.

According to one of the leaders of the police operation, this mountain of cocaine is valued at 318 million dollars (US).

For the moment, very little information has been released about it, but the police filed a press release last Wednesday, and it talked about the haul, while presenting several images.

Most of the packages recovered are marked with a four-leaf clover, but on one of them shows a Batman logo. All of these packages were actually destined for Australia, according to an international syndicate.

We are talking about one of the largest seizures of illegal drugs in this country and this one, the drug, will be destroyed, after the navy brought it back after six days at sea.

No arrests have been made, but an international investigation is underway.

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