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Montreal bus hits building head-on

Early Thursday morning, a Montreal bus (STM – Société de transport de Montréal) collided head-on with a building, following an accident with a car.

This incident occurred in the La Petite-Patrie district, more precisely on Beaubien Street West, near Clark Street, where the other vehicle involved was driving south.

According to TVA Nouvelles, one of the two vehicles compromised itself by running a red light, which led the bus to crash into a building.

The driver of the bus was traveling without any passengers.

Neither driver was seriously injured, according to authorities who responded to the scene of the damage. As for the building’s residents, they were evacuated by firefighters and everyone was safe.

The tenants were not suddenly left out in the cold as a result of the impact and were kept warm in a bus until a solution was found for them.

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