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New murder charge for suspected Long Island serial killer
Rex Heuermann, 59, the suspected Long Island serial killer, was indicted on January 16 on a fourth murder charge for murders in Gilgo Beach, Long Island.

Rex Heuermann is now officially charged with the murder of Maureen Brainard Barnes, a 25-year-old mother of two who disappeared in 2007 and whose remains were found along an abandoned stretch of highway on Long Island, three years after her disappearance.

This is a new chapter in the sad story of the discovery of human remains near Gilgo Beach, in an investigation that has been going on for several years, when 4 victims, nicknamed the Gilgo Four, had been associated with the same killer profile, and the latter who had still not been arrested until Heuermann’s surprise arrest last July.

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Investigative work by the police, aided by the latest technological advances, helped solve this case, but it was Heuermann’s DNA found on a pizza that established his involvement, since the DNA matched hair found on the victims.

Other murder victims in the area over the years could also be linked to the suspect.

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Heuermann is still being held in jail without bail.

The judge has set a new hearing date of February 6 in the case as the Gilgo Beach community and the victims’ families await justice…

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