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Neymar is completely destroyed

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Neymar is completely destroyed
Friday in the early afternoon, Croatia defeated Brazil, the team of the magician Neymar, in the penalty shootout to go to the semi-finals.

Let’s remember that Brazil was the favorite team to win the big honors of this World Cup 2022 in Qatar, but this nation was surprised by the warriors of Croatia.

After this emotional game, Neymar fell in tears, without words, certainly destroyed by one of the most difficult defeats of his career.

King Neymar, who is presented as the heir of Pele or Ronaldo, once again missed the quarterfinal match, which further distances his dream of becoming the best player in the world.

Brazil will still have to wait before adding his 6th world star and the marketing icon is being varloped on the networks because of a career punctuated by disillusionment.

Neymar may have joined Pele in goals with a Brazil jersey on his back (77 goals), but in the all-important box of number of championships, Pele leads 3-0.

Neymar’s tears must burn like lava, no doubt about it!

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